May 21st, 2008

If Only the Other Two Had Been On Their Game

Tim Duncan looked out of sorts for the whole Hornets series. But he was back to being the player that wins championships tonight. His rebounding was particularly strong, I thought. Unfortunately Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker shot poorly overall and made some poor decisions to boot. It's a shame, if you're a Spurs fan or don't want to see the Lakers in the Finals, because I don't imagine a better opportunity for a road victory will present itself.

Marking a Passage

Tomorrow is the Bean's last day of third grade. While it hasn't been the best year of her schooling, it closed on a series of high notes, from the literal ones in her solo as Ariadne in the musical Theseus and the Minotaur to her winning the trifecta of poetry contests in her class, her grade at her school and her grade for the whole district.

This afternoon she decided she wanted to make something for her teacher as a parting gift and also for her teacher from first and second grade, who has been a huge support for her in times of trial throughout the school year. In the end, she opted to make them both bookmarks from scratch:

The only thing I helped her with was punching the hole for the ribbon, which took more force than she could muster, and assisting her with the hot glue gun. The best part is that she made use of odds and ends discovered in the process of voluntarily cleaning the corner where she makes her projects.