May 23rd, 2008

It's Me, Margaret

I'm excited that it's cool and rainy right now, an extremely rare weather for this time of year in Tucson, but I also feel that it's Nature's way of saying, "Yes, Eyeore, there is an ominous gray cloud directly overhead." Is it too much to ask for something to go better than expected?

"'s gibt's doch net!"

If I could kick, I'd be kicking myself that I spent all of today in the house, alternating between anxiety and boredom. But since I'm now wired from being out of commission earlier, I'll post this stunning documentary evidence for those of you who either live in Southern Arizona now or once did to ponder:


The proverbial blast furnace is slated to return shortly. But damned if I'm not putting the needle down on my favorite track from Pornogrpahy just now.