July 6th, 2008

Calculus Requires Breaking Things Into Tiny Pieces

Yesterday I described my new spatial routine, necessitated by the fact that I have to periodically change the angle of my left foot. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I'm starting to develop a new temporal routine as well. Like many residents of the desert, I have often found myself overcome by an almost irresistible urge to take a siesta in the mid-afternoon hours. Sometimes I do, though my schedule -- and Skylar's -- makes it difficult. Instead of just pushing forward until bedtime, though, I have started taking shorter naps. Perhaps I really am becoming a cat. I suppose it wouldn't hurt me to develop some predatory instincts, so I won't complain if my eyes get slinty.

At present, though, I'm content to figure out whether I can turn this new schedule into productivity. I definitely struggle to rouse myself after waking, even when I only doze for a few minutes. But if I exercise shortly after I do, the time it takes me to be at full mental capacity diminishes sharply. Once I have two fully functional legs again, I plan to make the most of that discovery. Right now, the hardest thing to cope with is my habit of eating a few bigger meals, often late, rather than snacking throughout the day. I think I need to fragment my intake of sustenance to match my new approach to space and time management.

Blessing in the Skies

This is the second night in a row that it has just poured here. Some years, the Monsoon storms seem to come primarily from the southeast, leaving us dry when those on the other side of town are wet. But we're getting moisture from the north so far this year and right now it's meeting up with moisture from the south and east, generating the sort of slow-moving weather that leads to flash floods.

It's not a night to be out and about. Here on the high ground, though, next to a catchment basin, it feels like another answered prayer. This is my favorite time of year in Tucson.