October 16th, 2008

Stretch Out and Wait

I am so happy that the debates are over. If I have to hear either Barack Obama or John McCain hammer their talking points six inches beneath the ground again, I might not be be able to resist the urge to break things. While the latter ones bothered me more than the former, I am increasingly numb to being outraged by the candidates going through the motions. Perhaps the Big Lie really is just a function of repetition. I'm sure a lot of viewers agreed with my sense that the only interesting moments of last night's affair were when McCain looked angry and Obama made a show of turning his frustration into bemusement. At this point, going on body language actually seems less superficial than responding to the tetra-packed issues.

Sorry, Your Heath Care Proposal Doesn't Cover "Gold-Plated" Treatments Like Polyjuice Potion

I know this is making the rounds, most proximately at my friend flw's always-entertaining journal. But I can't stop thinking of the Crouch family's Oedipal struggle, so the repurposing seems to be justified:

This image inspires another twist on a question that many of us have been asking in 2008: "What have you done with the real John McCain?"