October 21st, 2008

Numbers Making a Fearsome Racket

Among other reasons I am desperate for this election to be over is that it is hampering my ability to think about other matters of interest. It's not healthy for someone to visit the meta-polling sites dozens of times each day, as I -- and so many others, from what I can discern -- have been doing. For one thing, all that studying of the map is depriving me of valuable time for reading content on ESPN.com. Hell, I've barely paid attention to the start of the NBA season, I'm so preoccupied.

For me, at least, the reason why politics has partially substituted for sports is that the media, old and new, now generate so much information of a statistical nature that the part of my mind that lusts after figures -- aside from the ones attached to certain women, that is -- is sated. It may seem silly that I'm compulsively checking the numbers from North Dakota, of all places, but if so, it's a silliness that parallels by quest to figure out who, besides Barry Bonds, has ruled the OPS category over the past decade.