February 14th, 2009

Yes, Oski, There Is a God

This week has added new dimensions of stress to what was already a stressful time. So when I sat down to watch the Cal-Stanford game this afternoon, I was desperately in need of some distraction I could be passionate about. But then Stanford started making threes like they were shooting layups and the Bears got down 22 points. I almost stopped watching, it was so depressing. Something told me to persist, though. And I was rewarded by a tremendous comeback, keyed by the awesomely hard-working and smart-playing freshman Jorge Gutierrez, one of the first college basketball players from Mexico to make a splash in Division I. Needless to say, I'm relieved and as happy as I can be under the circumstances. Now if the third-ranked women could only manage to prevail over the sixth-ranked Cardinal at Maples tonight, it will be one of the best days in Cal basketball history. Go Bears!!!