April 5th, 2009

Primal Fear

If you ever get the urge to terrify me, stinging insects that fly are the best bet. I shudder in fear at wasps and bees alike. My mentor and friend Julian Boyd, who was schooled in linguistics, suggested that my aversion had to do with anxiety about penetration with duration. A "sting," as the nasal phoneme that ends the word indicates, lasts a lot longer than a "stick." I will leave it to you, my much-loved readers, to draw further conclusions.

Schadenfreude Götterfunken!

The mishandling of the most important decision in the history of the University of Arizona -- at least according to a good number of this town's residents -- is becoming a bigger story by the minute. It's one thing to turn down Lute's former job for the wealth of USC and the talent of the Southland. But to stay at a program that has historically had to play second fiddle in its own city? Maybe Livengood should give Todd Bozeman a call. He's a Pac-10 caliber coach who would jump at the opportunity to coach the Wildcats.