May 15th, 2009

Second Coming

This has to be the best food-and-lodging commercial ever. The tune is so catchy that I was all, "It's like the second coming of ABBA!" And then I realized that it actually is the second coming of ABBA, since Benny and Björn wrote it. But it's not just the music that captivates. The whole we-would-love-to-be-screwing-but-we-have-to-service-our-customers subtext in the video is both disturbing and a pulse-quickener. "Your arm around my waist/Reminds a fool like me of what Im not allowed to taste." Who knew that polishing glassware could be so sexy?

BTW, those are actual employees of Rival Hotel singing, which makes this the Swedish equivalent of an American Apparel ad, I suppose, only cooler. I mean hotter. Whatever. That curly blond hair looks better in HQ mode, incidentally. Have I mentioned my dream of spending the Summer Solstice in Stockholm, where the sun manufactures "natural meth" and delicious forms of herring are everywhere?