January 17th, 2010

Dig Me Out

Finally, after many self-inflicted delays -- I kept finding excuses to do something, anything else -- I have begun the process of radically reconfiguring my home office. Well, "radically" probably isn't the word you would choose. But even what most people would deem superficial changes feel pretty earth-shattering to someone as set in his ways -- I'm a classic Taurus -- as I am.

Rather than simply rearrange the things that are presently cluttering the space, I'm trying to rethink how I use it now that I have become a laptop-first person. Among other things, that means that I need to find a way to make more of my computer peripherals accessible to multiple machines. Right now, they are all connected, in a manner that is difficult to modify, to a desktop computer that has been on its last legs since 2005. My laptop may not be very au courant itself, but at least it doesn't crash every ten minutes.

Anyway, the process of disconnecting everything and rerouting cables and such is requiring me to deal with the collateral problems occasioned by such disruption, including my double-stacked bookshelves. It's a laborious process, not least because I keep finding things too interesting to move without at least a cursory glance. My goal this time is to be as reasonable as I can about how I proceed with this task. I can't afford one of those stay-up-all-night sessions in which I burn myself out because the mental icebergs being cast adrift release massive amounts of energy!