June 10th, 2010

Not Like Riding a Bicycle

I have a number of writing assignments I need to finish over the next week, a task that has been rendered considerably more difficult by the fact that my hard drive needs repairing and I cannot locate the install disk. But the real challenge is getting back into a groove. I'm always startled by how quickly I lose my writerly momentum. One week away from having to produce finished products and my authorial capacities begin to tighten up. Three weeks away, as is presently the case, and I start to wonder whether I'll ever be able to get "hot" again. Even this kind of one-paragraph report is coming hard at the moment. Still, it's not like this is the first time I've struggled in this way. I suppose my insistence on staying engaged in projects that might seem extraneous to my interests or goals derives from the realization that I need that sort of regular and semi-detached production in order to be able to write effectively about what I do care deeply about.