August 26th, 2010

A Week in the Life - Day Two: August 19th, 2010

First, let me thank all of you who commented on the first installment in this series, posted last Wednesday, and apologize for posting the second one -- and its sequels -- so late. Thursday was exhausting, as I will explain below. But it was followed by several days in which I needed to work late into the night and, after a few hours of sleep, early the following morning. In short, I had neither the time nor energy to put together a complex post. And I couldn't muster replies to the comments I received, either.

That I really, really wanted both to post and to reply in a timely fashion, however, strikes me as a hopeful sign. Forcing myself to try to live up to the high standards of this meme -- even if I fall significantly short of the mark -- seems to be liberating a long dormant part of me, at least for a time. Plus, every day that I make myself take photographs is a day when I feel ten times better about myself. Even if I've failed to post for a week -- which is probably my longest dry spell since 2003 -- I've been documenting each day for posterity.

Certainly, there were plenty of moments during the insanity of the past week when having the camera with me was the best way to cope. I'm pretty experienced at distancing myself from situations by documenting them and frequently manage to take a little pleasure in my detachment, even if I would otherwise be stressed out or sad. Somehow, reminding myself of my obligation to record the week made it go by faster and with less furor. And now, as I make the final push to get this post that I've been working on in fits and starts to the point where I can make it public, I'm finding that the "memories" of last Thursday are preparing me for my second long day up in the Phoenix area tomorrow. OK, enough of this preamble and on with the show. . .

Thursday was my first day of teaching for the fall semester. I woke up a little after 4am, with every intention of getting an early start for my drive up to the Phoenix area. But one thing led to another -- doing the dishes, printing class rosters, looking for CDs that would suit my as-yet-inchoate mood -- and I didn't make it out the door for good until I was in danger, though slight, of risking a late arrival.

I do love that blue glow

Luckily, though, the traffic on I-10 was not hampered by the construction that made my commutes in the fall of 2008 and 2009 slower than they needed to be. I know I'm probably cursing myself by making this statement, but the smooth sailing was most welcome for a first day which I began tired after getting only three hours of sleep.

The Tucson-Phoenix corridor makes for a pretty boring drive on the internet. But those who complain about it should try on I-95 in New Jersey for size. At least there are interesting landmarks here and there, not to mention those huge Southwestern skies. I certainly don't take the sight of Picacho Peak in the first rays of the morning sun for granted.

Picacho Peak a little after the sun has come up

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