August 29th, 2010

A Week in the Life - Day Three: August 19th, 2010

The dilation of this meme necessitated by my extremely taxing schedule of late is threatening to turn it into an exercise in nostalgia. Friday, when I was still thinking I would post this entry on the one-week anniversary of the date in question, I was reminded of the comparatively peaceful time before my fall semester had fully kicked in. Two days and a whole lot of mesquite processing later, I'm nostalgic for that time I had to think. It's going to be a hard semester.

Anyway, I'd better get to the task at hand. Because one of the commenters on my entry for "Day Two" rightly pointed out that it was exhausting to read, I'm going to do my best to rein in my excursive impulses for this one. But there are some points that must be explained if the entry's documentary value is to be established.

My day began at 3am, after only a few hours sleep, with more "fun" on the computer. The course for which I'd been developing online instructional materials was going to start in a few days and the work had to get done. If I'd known in advance that this job would require me to learn as much about website building as it did, I would have approached it differently. But sometimes you just have to deal with less-than-ideal circumstances. In the end, because the URL and physical location for the site weren't ready until July 30th, I had less than a month to learn how to make things work via trial and error and then make them work in spite of the inevitable errors that creep into a technology-centered project.

The stress of the last-minute tasks in which I was engaged was powerfully enhanced by the fact that my cable modem -- which dates, to be fair, from December, 2002 and is set to be replaced in a few days -- kept cutting out for no apparent reason. This meant that work I would normally have completed in four hours took twice as long. I spent a lot of time staring at the balky device waiting for it to reset, only to witness another "failure to communicate":

Hoping for the orange light at the end of the tunnel

Luckily, my daughter was taking the bus with a friend to her old school, where she planned to visit her favorite teacher ever, the incredible woman who presided over the multi-age classroom in which Skylar spent first and second grade. That meant I didn't have to get her until 3pm. Or, as it turned out, twenty minutes later, because I couldn't find her for the longest time. After some mild and largely irrational panic, though, I located her and her friend and was able to document the end of their nostalgic circuit to see people and places they had especially missed since commencing middle school:

The old stomping grounds

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