April 12th, 2011

Photographs That Make Me Proud (First in a Series)

I still haven't made meaningful headway on the "photographic selfhood" project I came up with at the end of last year. Each time I've started to write something, I've been interrupted by some pressing concern. Right now I have a half dozen fragments waiting to be fleshed out and no time in the foreseeable future in which I'll be able to complete them to my satisfaction. But that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about the project.

What I've decided to do in the interim, is go through my archives to find photographs that make me especially proud. Most of them won't fall into the category of self-portraiture in any obvious way, but because I am happy to see the care I take with the camera reflected in them, they still tell a story of the person I would like to see myself become. Here is the first batch of shots, many of which have an abstract quality from the standpoint of composition. All have appeared in my Live Journal previously. it never hurts to give them a second look, though.

The men's showers at an old gym on the Arizona State University campus

An iris in bloom at my old house when I was visiting my dad in May 2010 when my mother was still in the rehab facility after her fall

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