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In the Corners - De File
Does Collecting Make You Feel Dirty?
In the Corners
I'm absent-mindedly watching a Harold Lloyd silent film about college life on Turner Classic Movies as I work on the laptop. The font for the intertitles is a thing of beauty. Why is it that I can read 1920s-era typefaces, serif or sans-serif, so much better than contemporary ones? At any rate, I wanted to express again, for the record, how compelling I find pictures from this time period. I don't care what's happening in the foreground, for the most part. I just want to peer into the corners of each frame to catch a glimpse of a windowpane or coat or bottle of milk that expresses its time better than the plot ever could. I suppose I'm also attracted to this film in particular because my mother's father, the grandparent I never knew, went to college at roughly the same time it was made. He went on to get a Master's at Harvard too. Hard to believe that, when David Hawkes began teaching at Lehigh, he actually met someone who remembered my grandfather. Harold Lloyd is wearing a great argyle sweater right now. I'm starting to recall my attraction to scratchy wool garments. Better call it a night.

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Muse: Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis - Neko Case

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