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My Daughter, the Lawyer-To-Be

Skylar has been pushing to get a dog. I've told her that she can get one when she's 18 or, if she has very good grades, 17. Today she was concerned to learn that the Christmas decorations are coming down. "Why can't we leave them up?" "It's the law," I replied, with a note of parental irony. Undeterred, Skylar pressed on. "Is it a law or a rule?" I admitted that it was, in fact, a rule, but one with material consequences for rule-breakers. "Look," I added, "the rule isn't all bad. If Christmas were celebrated all year, it wouldn't be special anymore. Imagine if everyday were your birthday, Skylar." Skylar thought for a minute. "If everyday were my birthday, I'd get my dog a lot sooner." Then she returned to the abstract side of the conversation. "Why can't we be free from the law?"
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