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Not One Potato Chip

Apparently, to be a Bush campaign volunteer once is to be one forever. This just showed up in my inbox:
Dear Charlie,

I hope you and your family had happy holidays. The coming of a new year is always a time of optimism. It signals the coming of new opportunities and the passage of such that is worth remembering.

After the election, a lot of people asked me how we won such a historic victory - the largest vote total in history, the first presidential candidate to get more than 50% since 1988, and the first President to win reelection while gaining seats in the House and Senate since 1936.

Your efforts made this election a success and the inaugural is your chance to celebrate your accomplishment. The best way to share in the celebration is hosting an Inaugural Party for the President in your home.

In just over four weeks, the people of Iraq will participate in free elections. The President continues to engage the terrorists in the places where Anti-America hatred grows and he will continue to fight the terrorists while promoting the spread of freedom and democracy around the world.

As President Bush continues to lead our nation in the war on terror, Republicans in Congress are preparing to implement the President's historic efforts to secure Social Security for future generations, simplify the tax code and reduce health care costs by reforming our legal system.

This year will see unprecedented efforts to move our country forward.

Even though the election is over, you can help the President more than you know. By hosting an Inaugural Party for the President, you continue to show your support for the President's policies and agenda. By opening your door to friends and neighbors to celebrate the Inauguration, you continue to spread the President's message of hope and prosperity.

Will you share your home with friends, family and neighbors?

We're celebrating four more years of principled leadership, and looking forward to realization of the President's Agenda. Will you join us?


Ken Mehlman
No, Ken, I will not be joining you. In fact, I'm going to team up with a great many other Americans in declaring our opposition to Republican idiocy by not spending a single dime on Inauguration Day this January 20th.

You can read all about it here. And while you're doing research, Ken, you might as well keep tabs on the the rise in partisan consumerism on our side of the aisle. It's time we got "Shop Blue" bumper stickers for Old Red and New Silver.

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