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Across From the Kennedy Center

The only thing that tempered the gloom that followed November's election was the possibility, however slight, that George W. Bush would eventually follow in Richard Nixon's footsteps. While a repeat of the rounded office complex is still a long way off, a few hopeful signs are peaking out from behind the clouds. First the Government Accountability Office determined for a second time that the Bush Administration had engaged in the distribution of covert propaganda, this time for news segments about drug use. Now Clarence Thomas-protegé Armstrong Williams has come under fire -- and been fired from one media conglomerate -- for accepting money from the Bush Administration to promote the No Child Left Behind Act. Although the pessimist in me worries that Bush's minions will now target the rules against propagandizing, I'm still heartened by the news. Remember: Don't spend a dime on January 20th and tell everyone you know that you're engaging in the symbolic boycott.

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