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Blue and Golden Age

It's a lot easier to take that Cal Poly debacle knowing that our football team -- yes, "our" football team, Steven! -- overcame its fumbling woes to win the Big Game.

Of course, when Kim and I watched Dave Barr and company crush Bill Walsh's last Stanford team 46-17, we got to storm the field and watch our rowdier fellow Bears tear down the Stanford goalposts.

Too many police to do that these days.

But no matter. 28-16 is still 28-16. And Aaron Rogers is a sophomore this year, so who knows what's in store.

I just hope Cal plays in the Sun Bowl (El Paso on December 31st) or the Bowl (Tuson on the 26th), because then I might actually get a chance to see the Bears live. It's hard to believe that Arizona is in the Pac-10 and I still haven't had the opportunity to see Cal play here in football.

Incidentally, props to Jillian for the excellent CD of Campanile tunes that I used to gear up for the excitement.

Me: "Go. . ."

Skylar: "Bears!"

Me: "Go. . ."

Skylar "Bears!"

Me: "Go. . ."

Skylar: "Bears!"
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