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I just had a great visit with my longtime friend cpratt, who arrived in town this evening for La Fiesta de los Osos. Being the incredibly generous man that he is, he once again refused to accept my money for various Seattle-ish items he brought along. He pays attention too. Last time he and danlmarmot were here, I told him that Kim and I prefer red wine made from the grapes most commonly used in Italy, particularly Sangiovese. So what did he show up with? Two red wines from his favorite Bonny Doon Vineyard in Santa Cruz, both made in the Italian manner. We'll partake of at least one of them when he and Dan come for dinner on MLK Jr. Day. The thing is, I was so glad to see Chris that I already feel that warm glow that good wine imparts. What a great way to end a grueling first day of teaching.

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