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A First

For someone as "sickly" as am -- asthma, regular bronchitis, various allergies -- I managed to make it 36 3/4 years without having an I.V.

That streak ended yesterday. The sore throat I'd been nursing for some time, sure it wasn't strep -- it wasn't -- but wrongly convinced that it was a virus, turned out to be a lot more serious that I had thought.

It's never a good sign when the first doctor to see you is so wowed by the sight of your throat that he immediately calls for back-up. Or when nurses come in afterwards to have a look for themselves. Given the gravity of the consulations, I initially feared that I would be admitted to the hospital. But they gave me clindamycin -- another first! -- intravenously and administered an oral steroid.

This morning I went back for a recheck. Things look better, but I got another dose of steroids. I don't feel like getting ripped, though. The combination of a heavy dose of potent anitbiotics and the crazy-making quality of the steroids has me feeling leaden and frantic at the same time. Thank goodness for The Honourable Schoolboy. It's rapidly becoming a favorite book of mine. I'm so glad that, unlike some fast-reading friends of mine, I make slow enough progress, even in my pleasure reading, that I'm able to savor its latter stages this weekend.

Well, I'm going to go attempt to sleep while Kim and Skylar head off to the Desert Museum. They're bringing me back a vial of copper or a vial of silver, to match my vial of gold. I'm psyched.
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