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De File
Does Collecting Make You Feel Dirty?
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A lot of people I know have been working hard to put their talents to new uses in the wake of the depressing election last November. Among them is my good friend Eric who, along with some longtime collaborators of his, has committed to making a hybrid "blogzine" with short, sweet analyses of contemporary cultural politics targeted at an audience that goes beyond the academy, without turning its back on the academy. The venture is called Print Culture and is worthy of being bookmarked by anyone who likes to read more deeply than the wire stories and personal musings that dominate the blogosphere.

I have a particular soft spot for Print Culture because A) Eric and I have had long, intense conversations about the advantages and disadvantages both to blogging as a practice and to writing for non-academic audiences; B) many of the early entries in Print Culture remind me of Bad Subjects back in its 1990s heyday, when its content sounded less scholarly and the "Bad List" was still a lively forum for discussion; C) I miss reading smart, out-of-the-mainstream takes on popular culture; and D) it's nice and narrow on the screen, instead of forcing me to scroll left and right when I'm on my laptop. Charlie Bob says, "Check it out."

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