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There's Something Silvery Backing Your Tonsils

"You're an interesting case. Usually we only get to see people with something like that after they've already been hospitalized." But what is is this "that" to which they refer? An abcess, according to doctor #5. But probably not strep as doctor #4 intuited. This means that doctor #2, who was also by far the most fetching of the fivesome, is leading the pack. Her diagnosis? "Possible abcess. Probably staph." Then again, perhaps my own fetching partner has a leg up on all the hippocrats. Yesterday she said, "Maybe you cut your mouth on something." Doctor #5, who had the advantage of seeing the gaping hole left by yesterday's emission, said precisely the same thing. All I know for sure is that A) I know even more about discussing my medical condition than I used to; B) antibiotics are best classfied by family; C) I wasn't imagining things when I felt my chest compress the way it does in a mold-induced allergy; and D) it's really good I started eating lots of live culture yoghurt when I did.
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