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Well, my entry last night was pretty accurate about my condition except that the adjectives were switched. It turns out that I was getting appreciably better and dramatically worse. My throat, inspected for a sixth time today, is looking much less swollen. But whatever I came down with last night is astonishingly intense. This afternoon, as I lay on the sofa, I was literally unable to stretch my legs out because of the cramping. I don't think I moved more than an inch for hours. When Kim and Skylar arrived home, however, I saw some improvement. I took Tylenol. Kim cooled my head with wet cloths. And I watched some college basketball while the ladies sewed and stuffed heart-shaped pillows for Valentine's Day. Still, if the way I'm feeling at this moment is a huge improvement, I shudder to think how high my fever was at 4pm. For those keeping score, I've started another course of antibiotics, this time something in the Cipro family only stronger. That will be handy if I end up being diagnosed with anthrax. Also, I'm being tested for Valley Fever, which I think I was also tested for in November, 2000 at my previous physician, but for which there is no notation on my chart. Time to go lie down some more. Thanks to everyone who left nice comments on Kim's worried blog entry.
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