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Three Late Night Thoughts

I just got back from depositing Kim's dreaded grant at Kinko's. But the trip was not trying in the least. I got to see Eric and Yuanyuan briefly when I stopped by their place to get my teaching evaluations, which he had kindly brought home for me. I talked to Gideon for a minute, because I -- or my phone -- inadvertently dialed his mobile, and was happy to hear his voice. And I got to drive around in New Silver, moon roof open to the firmament and music blasting from its "Monsoon Sound System." Along the way, I had three thoughts I wanted to share:
1) Archers of Loaf's All the Nations Airports is an underrated album, one that satisfies more on the thirtieth listen than it did on the first;
2) the men's basketball team from my alma mater will either be scary good or scarily disappointing in 2005-2006, once Leon Powe has returned from his year of injury rehabilitation;
3) Volkswagen Passats love driving up Campbell after midnight and so do I.
That's all for now. I have to eat something and get to bed.
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