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Finger X-ing

This qualifies as great news in the self-parody otherwise known as my taste for a certain razor-thin defile of popular music:
So we know that a mere reissue of Pavement's Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain isn't enough to fill the gigantic slacker hole that the band's demise left in your life. However, there is one bright spot-- the Silver Jews are still recording (or is it recording again?), long after their Matador counterpart's demise. And though the process is way too embryonic to start talking about tracklists and release dates, much less album titles, the basic (and pretty fucking exciting) facts are confirmed by Drag City: Stephen Malkmus, Steve West, and Bob Nastanovich are on board to help David Berman with his latest masterpiece.
May I suggest, if and while you're at it, that you guys also record that first Arizona EP over again in somewhat higher fidelity? The songs are too good to sound that bad for so long.

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