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Goodbye, G.W.!

Jodi Dean, a new edition to my roll of regularly checked weblogs, has a wonderful entry today about the similarity between present-day capitalism and its sickly mirror-image. The concluding lines about the relationship between dream and reality in "actually existing capitalism" are poetry:
And yet it seems as if the American dream stays alive--even in its pathetic reality television versions. It is both the worse form of ideological trap, binding people into individualism, failure, and political action and a source of utopian energy, the promise of something else, something better, something worth struggling and sacrificing for. Another future.
I'm really into the short-and-sweet form of political critique. That's also why I'm enjoying the previously namechecked Printculture so much. May I humbly recommend these sites to you as mind-spas where you can recharge your political energies. And don't forget to check out the new Bad Subjects issue "Jesusland$" while you're at it. We're now preparing to put together some open -- no predetermined theme, that is -- issues over the next six months, so, if you have something you're interested in publishing there, drop me a line: 3000 words max, jargon kept to a minimum, no footnotes, left-of-center perspective.

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