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Collaborative Dining - De File — LiveJournal
Does Collecting Make You Feel Dirty?
Collaborative Dining
Dinner at the Berrys was wonderful. David and Laura really know how to host. We Nicolini-Bertsches overcame our reflexive claustrophobia -- all three of us have a hard time sitting with many others, as one does on holidays -- to have fun during the main event, though Skylar had to get some fresh air to regroup. And we all had a great time during the before and after.

I particularly enjoyed the traditional walk around the neighborhood.

There's nothing like the chill of almost-winter -- late November and early December are the only times when Tucson feels like the Washington D.C. area and that was my favorite time there growing up -- to put me in a good mood.

I made a comment about how the Catalina Range -- the western terminus of which we refer to as "our mountain," even though Skylar then notes that it belongs to everyone -- is so varied in appearance, that there are few mountains I've seen that can match it for sustained visual interest regardless of weather or time of day. Laura agreed. And I was so glad to find someone -- besides Kim, of course -- who takes the play of light as seriously as I do.

If only every day were like Thanksgiving at the Berry residence!

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