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In order to make up for my dreadful mistake of attributing a picture to Skylar that was not hers -- the authority of the author is paramount in this household -- I'm going to show you what she drew this morning while she recuperated on the trampoline to The Tigger Movie. I was in the other room. Although aware that Tigger is "not real," she nevertheless made a picture to cheer him up. Bear in mind that she made it with no assistance, using the "kids' spelling" -- simplified phonetic approach -- they teach her in kindergarten:

"I used the X to mean that there are two Gs in "Tigger," she explained. Here's the translation into grown-up spelling: "To Tigger: This is a portrait of your aunt's wedding. Love, Skylar." The speech bubble on the lower left has a person saying, "She's pretty." The one on the right has another stating, "I love this wedding."

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