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Ten Things I Have Done

Thanks to the provocation of jorit and lizyjn, I present my list of ten experiences, though I wasn't able to keep them as G-rated as theirs:
1) Saw a bald eagle being attacked by peregrine falcon on the Fourth of July;
2) Won a book-writing contest in the second grade for my Franz Klammer Wins the Gold and then got to to go to a Bucks County-wide event in a super-rich school district that frightened me;
3) Had Kurt Cobain count down to New Year's Day 1994, the year he died;
4) Received a "fan mail" from cyberpunk author Bruce Sterling for a piece I published in Bad Subjects;
5) Spent several nighttime hours on a bench behind Rodin's "The Thinker" at San Francisco's Palace of the Legion of Honor, writing in my journal and wondering whether the police were going to arrest me for trespassing;
6) Had sex with my future bride in an ochre Chevy Citation at a cold, deserted Marin County beach ;
7) Managed to get lost walking around Venice, Italy at night, just like they do in the movies;
8) Took my daughter with me to file my dissertation and gave her the congratulations lollipop all UC Berkeley Ph.D.s receive;
9) Hit a grand slam in a Little League baseball game;
10) Drove The Melvins in our 1996 VW Passat station wagon -- "Old Red" -- from Tim Green's studio to the Haight and perused the used foreign films with them at Amoeba Records.
Once you start this sort of exercise, it's hard to stop. But I'll keep it at ten out of respect for the sanctity of the meme.
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