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Barely Bearable Bedfellows

Here I am, getting ready to shepherd the Bean bedward, while Kim has a much-needed night free of night-night duty and I'm watching the UCLA-Oregon game with a distressing degree of interest. You see, my Bears, the original ones from Berkeley, somehow managed not to lose another game in a row. This means that, should UCLA win, Cal will make it into next week's Pac-10 tournament as the eighth and final seed. The reward would be another evisceration by the U of A's Wildcats but that's all right: I'd be happy just to see my team play one more game. Of course, the game would be during my documentary class on Thursday, but that's a secondary problem. The first order of business is to send the Ducks home for the season. So I've put aside my lingering resentment at former UCLA Chancellor Chuck Young's wily manipulations of the systemwide budget and the sense, stoked by two colleagues here in Tucson, that UCLA graduate students had it a lot better than we did in Berkeley. Go Bruins!

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