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Look What Came In the Mail!

I love the way that Live Journal can facilitate connections that exceed its boundaries. Over the past year we've received the Hogwarts Lego set from chrisglass, wonderful children's records from danthered, two very special care packages from the incomparable Ozric Dampierre, and lots of missives from people we would probably never have heard from -- or heard from again, in the case of the "Remember me?" messages -- without our presence on the internet.

It's fao, though, who gets the prize for long-distance LJ friendship. Look what just came in the mail:

Reading of my struggles to understand his intriguing Spanish-language musings -- I can tell they're wonderful even when I can't figure out exactly what they are saying -- and Skylar's excitement in taking her first Spanish class, he ever so generously mailed us some of his childhood Spanish books. I'm overwhelmed with delight. There's a lot of darkness in the world right now, a good deal of it instigated by my own increasingly Death Star-like homeland. But people like Felipe give me hope. I encourage any of you who read Spanish to check out his Live Journal, because it's a shining star in the clouded over firmament of the personal blogosphere.

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