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It's always great having my parents come visit. This trip, though, was especially good. By resisting the impulse to make them do things, we all ended up doing a lot of pleasurable not-doing. Still, the disruption to our routine is hard. Not only do Kim and I have to cope with life on the front-room futon, but we also have to confront cats who are none to happy to be displaced, however temporarily, from what they regard as their rightful place. Now that we have three of them, the stress is exponentially greater. Thankfully, our newest family member is now joining her adopted brothers in celebrating the return of access to the bedroom:

Don't they look fetching offset by our new close-out Marimekko sheets from Crate & Barrel? Red always seems to go well with fur. I think you can tell how happy Kim is too. "I peek out over the covers and see all those ears," she reports. "I love that."

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