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A Good Decision

Smokey -- a.k.a. "Smokers" or "Smokes" -- is really settling into our daily routine now. She comes out from under the sofa on her own accord, rubs up against our legs, and eagerly awaits being scooped up in Skylar's arms. Our initial worries that she might be excessively squirrely have been laid to rest. Apparently, all she needed was to become accustomed to a home where people weren't always using their hands to, "correct her behavior," as her previous owners admitted doing in stating their reasons for leaving her at the humane society. Still, Smokey continues to demonstrate that feet are her members of choice. She must not have bad body memories of them scaring her.

Anyway, I thought I'd show two of the latest photo sequence featuring the Bean and her new love.

Smokey is full of kitten mischief but also loves to snuggle up with our six-year-old. "She even falls asleep in my lap sometimes when I pet her," reports Skylar. Because our latest feline is so beautiful to look upon, it's easy to become her furniture:

It's good to see the Bean getting more mileage out of her Disney costumes, which will soon be too small for her. That one she's wearing is the Ariel number her grandparents bought her for Halloween back in 2003. The colors go particularly well with the cat.

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