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Pleasures of the Trade

I had an unexpected visit from one of my former students yesterday. There are many things I dislike about working in an underdeveloped scholarly field -- two fields, actually -- in an underfunded school, but I forget about them all when I get to have a conversation with someone whom it has been a pleasure to teach. Thankfully, I get to have that sort of experience here on Live Journal on a regular basis. Face-to-face exchanges are even better, though. What I like best about them is seeing how my former students have become even more interesting since I had the pleasure of teaching them. That was certainly the case yesterday. Without having to worry about the pressures of a relationship mediated by my institutional responsibilities, I was able to delight in the easy flow of words. Given how stressful things have been lately on the work front, from one budget crisis after another to my personal struggle to get completely healthy, the talk couldn't have come at a better time.
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