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Did I call that, or did I call that?

As I said to Eric the other night, when you give Mustafa Shakur the ball, he's bound to do something dumb. Yes, I know he played better than on Thursday. But he still screwed up over and over when the Wildcats should have been screwing the nails in the Illinois coffin. Maybe things will be different for him next year. I bet you the other point guard, the one who doesn't start, would have made two or three fewer bad decisions. And that would have been enough, wouldn't it?

Oh, and the word "outcoached" did cross my mind on more than one occasion. Not for the whole game, mind you, just for the last four minutes of regulation and the end of O.T.

I have no one to root for now and no one to root against. Pitino? Roy Williams? I guess we'll see how much I enjoy watching basketball without caring who wins.

I suppose I'm pulling for an all-Kentucky final. At least that would make for a compelling narrative.

Oh, and can you believe that CBS's player of the game for Illinois wasn't Deron Williams? What game were they watching? Aside from those threes he hit, the defensive effort on Salim Stoudamire was as beautiful to behold as it was painful to contemplate.


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