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CLB 12-03-03 #1

I'm feeling a little better; thanks, danlmarmot, for the visual pick-me-up and kind words!

Maybe talking with Kim about our respective anxieties and maladies helped. . .

Anyway, I have to share something.

At the last meeting of the Board of Directors for our homeowner's association -- yes, I'm an officer -- I finally couldn't stand my cover anymore and came out as a Democrat.

People seemed startled. Apparently, all you have to do to convince not-too-educated and/or not-too-bright Republicans that you are on their side is to periodically question expenditures and advocate for economy.

My declaration led to much merriment. Several folks spoke variations of the, "Some of my best friends are Democrats," line.

I ended up talking at some length to the current President of our Board. He's a Republican too, but a Catholic one from Staten Island who freely admits to being mistaken for a Jew, "just like Mike Savage."

I know it's wrong of me, but I prefer quick-talking, witty Republicans to their bovine Fundamentalist brethren.

The upshot of our conversation was that he agreed to add me to his e-mail list. He sends out various missives to his people, including an "Insight of the Day."

Strange thing is, these insights are often, well, insightful, even if it's in the Bartlett's Quotations sort of way.

Today's, though, was especially good. A little homegrown Zen wisdom.

(See, you probably think I'm being ironic here. But I'm not. I really did like the insight!)

Here it is:
"I was asking myself why I was having these obstacles in my life...then I suddenly became aware that these obstacles were my life, and I began to enjoy them."

John Kanary
Author of "Breaking Through Limitations"
There's a lot to be said for this notion, even from my own far-left-of-Howard Dean perspective.

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