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Another Year Gone

That's that. Some retroactive validation for the WCC -- "You go, Santa Clara!" -- and the realization that everyone will finally shut up about Roy Williams not winning the big one. I can't say I'm delighted to see North Carolina win, but at least Sean May seems like a really nice guy and tonight was his birthday too. But it's the memory of all those great games that will linger: Vermont-Syracuse, Bucknell-Kansas, West Virginia-Wake Forest, Arizona-Oklahoma State, Michigan State-Kentucky and, sad to say, the total collapse of the Wildcats against the Illini as well.

As for the college basketball season as a whole, I didn't "watch tape" as much as I have in previous years but learned more. I've developed a much better sense of how to create a screen by driving in the direction of a teammate and have also internalized the lesson that it's almost always preferable to throw a bounce pass into the paint from the top of the key. The best part of the season, though, was watching the games with Kim's dad and, during conference tournament week, my own.

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