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The Haul

After meeting Kim for lunch at Beyond Bread today, I headed over to CD City. This time I confined myself to ten minutes and one small portion of the 2 for $5 racks. But look what I picked up in spite of those limitations:
• The Swingers soundtrack
The Kennedy Years (speeches of JFK and RFK w/ a track reserved for the latter's assassination)
• Shuggie's eponymous record of neo-70s rock a la Minneapolis
• Rancid's self-titled 2000 release
• J Church, Arbor Vitae
• The Funk Is Back, a sampler with most of the usual suspects on it
• Girls Against Boys, House of GVSB (in bassist-cum-publisher Johnny Temple's honor)
• Keith Jarrett, Personal Mountains
and, last but first,
• The Who, Live At Leeds in the extended version.
That's a pretty good harvest for $22.50 plus tax. The original Live At Leeds was long one of my favorite concert albums, though I don't recommend it as a "trip" record, at least not if you plan to go the cocktail route. Keith Jarrett? Anything he does is bound to give more than $2.50 worth of entertainment on the first listen. I'm also delighted at the prospect of fleshing out my 1990s punk collection at bargain prices.

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