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Last Year At This Time

Last year at this time I was singing along to the Village People's "Y.M.C.A" -- my favorite pre-teen song, I'll have you know -- with cpratt and sinnabor -- in the only karaoke experience of my life to this point, watching Dazed and Confused on Chris's massive television, then asking to tag along as they headed down to Capitol Hill to visit The Cuff.

The place is huge and it was packed. I imagine that Spring Thaw had something to do with that. I experienced sensory overload within ten minutes and, after abandoning Chris and Brian to their bearish meanderings, parked myself where I could take photographs. Later, after meeting back up with Chris, I stood by the pool table in the front room and enjoyed an appreciable muting of the disco beat. Eventually, I had to drive Chris's forest green Passat back to Salmonberg -- he stayed at The Cuff -- and trust that my excellent navigational skills would not leave me hopelessly lost. I made it back, amazingly, waking the next morning to danlmarmot's hospitality in taking me downtown to Left Bank Books and then driving me to the airport. I wish I were there this year, but I'm a lot healthier for having stayed home. Reliving the day here will have to suffice.

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