Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch


I went to Urgent Care tonight to get my thumb x-rayed. I hurt it yesterday, assumed that it wasn't broken because I could move it without experiencing severe pain, but was alarmed by the swelling and bruising that showed up overnight. Thankfully, my initial supposition turned out to be correct: it's merely badly jammed. More intriguing was the fact that my nurse, who sees dozens of patients each hour, day after day, remembered me from my early January visit. "You're the one who had the terrible cellulitis in your throat. How did that turn out?" She was surprised to learn that I'd managed to overcome a tonsillar abscess without hospitalization. Needless to say, I'm retroactively proud of my stoutness. But it would probably make more sense for me to own up to the stupidity of my stubbornness instead.

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