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Politically Fluent?

So now the Guvinator is confirming that his previous comments about the Minutemen's border action in Arizona were not simply a reflection of his refusal to learn proper English. Even though the President of the United States, not usually regarded as a bastion of moderate political thinking, referred to the militia men and women as "vigilantes," Arnold still wants to praise them. And, by coupling his well-wishing with an attack on a Spanish-language television station's "Los Angeles, Mexico" advertising campaign, he makes it pretty clear that his words are intended to serve a partisan purpose. It will be interesting to see whether his decision to side with the anti-immigrant hardliners over George W. Bush helps him or hurts him. California is an increasingly "brown" state. But there are plenty of Latinos who have their own reservations about the influx of "illegals." Perhaps Schwarzenegger is pursuing a divide-and-conquer strategy among the state's people of color. Then again, he might just be demonstrating that he's as much of a fool as he seemed to be in Kindergarten Cop.

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