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He's Already In You

Aside from sports, I rarely watch television these days, not because I regard it as inherently base, but because there's not much on that interests me. If we had six PBS channels like we did living in the Bay Area, if we got HBO, if primetime were later, then I might watch a regular show or two. As it is, though, my only sense of what fills the 75-odd channels in our cable package comes from rapidly scanning through them during commercial breaks in the basketball or baseball game I'm watching. Tonight, though, I stopped for a bit.

Dennis Miller's show on CNBC was on. There was some anti-therapy woman, a Latino eager to make fun of Mexico, and Dinesh D'Souza. Shockingly, D'Souza was the most palatable of the four. I've hated everything he stands for since that Atlantic Monthly article he wrote a decade and a half ago. But juxtaposed to the other panelists he actually seemed like a voice of reason.

I never liked Dennis Miller much to begin with. Now, though, he has become one of the most despicable personalities I've ever encountered. If the Bush Administration's scripted comedy defines the word "insidious," then Miller's pandering to the right-wing talk show crowd must do the same for "craven." It only takes a minute of looking at Miller to realize that he has signed a pact with the Dark Lord. The stench of his putrescent inner life pulls his always-maddening smile so taut that it's repulsive to countenance. I'd rather root around in a pile of vomit looking for the plastic toy some toddler inadvertently swallowed.

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