Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Aesthetics Is A Feeling

I wonder. Does the arugula
count? This bag of green
and red from Trader Joe's
is plenty bitter. But I 'm
not sure whether they
constitute "bitter herbs."
Passover is over, anyway,
so I suppose it doesn't
matter. I want you to know,
though: I like the taste.
Sit me in front of the far
seeing box, a basketball
game that's bound to
disappoint me, and the
"Herb Salad Mix" makes
for the perfect crunch.

And it's low-cal too! I can't
say the same about the
it of my longest standing
nostalgic desire, discovered
by John from Wausau.
"There's a bar in Manhattan
where they have Jever." I
think it was even on tap.
I mention this only because
that's when I started, to
mark the possibility of
pleasure in a word. Herb.

As a child I was perplexed
by my mother's affection
for tonic without the gin.
"But it's so bitter," I replied,
only to have her tell me,
"That's what makes it
good." Now I finally see
her point. For one thing,
I know the history of taste.

In the order of development:
sweet, salty, sour and, yes,
that word. Somehow I
missed the part about the
neglected fifth, unfortunately,
the one made by decay,
figured by the game, strung
up in the open doorway
of a barn to age. I'm
sure, however, that young
people discern that
one without disgust
before they strap on the
burden of bitterness. Anyway,
I'm finally delighting in my
tongue's response, letting
the back-thrust coil like
loops of strangeness
in the back of my mind.

What I'm really saying
is that I feel what's going
on and still don't care. Not
enough to make a stand
at least. Or maybe this
arrangement of indirect
lamentation is making
the stand for me, only
in a different place than
where I began, someone
whose feet have lost the
sand beneath them in
the confusion of the tide.

It's in my mouth, in other
words. I love it. I love
you. And if my teeth are
stained with the blood
of an assortment of organic
leaves picked by people
who aren't about to buy
them back, then I guess
that's a form of honesty.
I confess: I'm coming to
have a taste for it. See?

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