Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

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Homing In

Yesterday, after I made the long drive out to I-10 and Cortaro Farms to pick up Skylar's replacement tap shoes at Payless Shoe Source, noting, with despair, that ground has yet to be broken on the In 'n Out Burger location that was supposed to be Tucson's first, I swung by the house to get my parking pass out of Old Red. Although I wasn't expecting to stay for more than a minute or two, I ended up working for two and a half hours. This morning, I've been listening to music, finishing my grading, and doing more work on the pieces I was tackling yesterday. It feels so odd to be getting something done in the middle of the day and even odder to be doing it at home. I guess those weeks of endless meetings with my students from the second half of the semester took their toll.

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