Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Blast From the Past

Today I had an under-the-weather Bean in tow, reminding me of the days when I was doing that regularly. It's a shame she missed her class's splash party, but I'll admit to enjoying the opportunity to take good care of her, which included A) keeping the A/C in Old Red on full blast and pointed towards her car seat, even though I normally turn the fan off when stopped in traffic; B) letting her rifle through my desk drawer while attempting to talk to J about his prelims; C) chasing her down the hall in Modern Languages when she'd had enough with rules and restrictions; D) helping her to use the bathroom with dignity and then running her a baking soda bath; E) curling up on the sofa with her to watch Winnie the Pooh videos; F) bringing her lots of "homemade" Gatorade and saltines; G) encouraging her to bring "Eau Claire Pooh" out to the sofa to join us in our viewing festivities; H) rejoining her on the sofa this evening to watch three Little Bear videos, which always remind me of those dark times when she was perpetually unhappy and the world of Little Bear provided a refuge into which I could imagine us escaping; I) letting her sit on my head, punch me, kick me, roll on top of me, and otherwise abuse me as a way of letting off steam while I made a series of horrible sounds underneath her writhing form. I didn't get much done today, but I feel a lot more grounded than I have in weeks. Coupled with the pleasures of yesterday's lunch, dinner, and recital, the last 48 hours have done wonders for my psyche.

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