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Five Year Plan

Talking to Kim yesterday about her depression at realizing that she probably isn't going to do much more in her life than she is already doing, I was reminded how hard it is for me to think about the distant future.

The only anxiety I recall having about what would happen to me ten, twenty years down the road was my childhood fear that I wouldn't be rich enough to buy a Porsche 911 before they stopped making them.

Well, the folks at Zuffenhausen segued straight to the Carrera 2, which I will almost certainly never be able to afford and probably wouldn't want anyway. So I can't say that I'm sad about my failure to achieve my childhood goal.

Irony aside, I wonder whether there's something wrong with me. Shouldn't I be envisioning my retirement, like some of my colleagues? Shouldn't I be worrying whether I'm going to be all that I can be?

Maybe I need a Five Year Plan.

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