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Found Poetry

I still get regular invitations to enlarge my penis. But many of the spams I get these days are inscrutable. They're like that Bank of America commercial from last year -- Pac-10 Tournament on FOX Sport Net , every break in the action -- in which the blind woman practiced martial arts. Half the time, I can't even tell what they're trying to do.

This morning's, though, takes the cake for random beauty:
buildup stephanie woven kingdom prudential stable conversation nee lily embargoes nimbus adobe cowpea basic incomputable almighty programmed blameworthy inability stowage titus adhere salamander manageable cowman interviewee durable wiremen critique gagwriter demean dangle happen indecent doom confront felon gaucherie they'll smokestack grossman anthropology disquisition throne enunciate classify bingle gal bane culbertson caveat geophysical ballet hexane denture doleful allstate spider wolf emerge ball conscientious boxy literature pendant communicate grownup saxony stucco rundown vitro greer inapt religion indefensible teamster trademark truly aztecan exorcist knotty graft probate delightful polloi attache gorham galactic detention marvelous loggerhead jensen satisfaction respirator woods bolster beverly duncan paramus egghead profound workday sovkhoz print vagina elicit bongo deltoid armature boyish basalt sundew blasphemous strap lesson chicano noisy fafnir bun yiddish cyrillic zest sanhedrin lair burl drawbridge deltoid dispense farcical euripides delaney mentor waldo commercial caracas birdie vaughn buchwald jacobite audition ness bolshoi vendor confiscate willard dogma apices activate bathtub befog estuary carry phrasemake diabetes redpoll daley kiosk girlish lascivious conceit clutter jejunum scandium brittany wheezy babel exuberant guenther bosonic scrooge constantine downfall bleed afterward reduce surgery greece myrtle yin baneful windowpane cosec exposition barfly excelled melanesia carruthers eclat mistress abnormal berman cannel male residue navel indochina abreast befogging baud bamboo aden elute qualitative catlike fantasy shone moraine glycerine anomie boutique ditto referendum actual alibi rotund nucleotide rite waspish cohn exhaust clipboard sect adage bookshelves ineffective cramer hockey auberge boyish lakeside cryptanalysis absurd boycott cyclotomic unify drizzle album grey cassette horse iniquity doorkeep bluebonnet shipwreck sugar decibel pronunciation prostitution catalpa grasp hem calendar accrual prelude question telekinesis pegasus confucianism matson automata men sheet commissary gasify inholding bye gaffe detent antler erasure tapestry bon conference bedevil ductwork rockland refectory
Who needs language poetry?

Let's hope o' Recycle Bin's minions aren't able to transform this passage into plans for world domination.

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