Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Does This Constitute Vicarious Reportage?

I remain low on words -- a strange situation for me to be in -- but want to give a sense of what we've been doing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fortunately, my travel companion posted a series of entries yesterday detailing our comings and goings, complete with lots of photos, most of them what a possessive person would call "mine." They're worth a look. She also describes the only unpleasantness of the day, when our daughter demonstrated her will to be free at our expense. She's never easy to deal with when she sets her mind to be stubborn. But the picture I ended up with compensates nicely.

When she says, "I'm not listening to you," she means it. There's beauty in that resolve, though.
Tags: family, photography, travel

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