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Letter From My Father

Since it's Father's Day -- thanks for the great breakfast and cookies, kdotdammit and Skylar! -- I thought I'd share something about my dad. It's hard for me to do him justice. But it might help to explain that I have literally hundreds of letters from him that read like this one, dated July 9th, 1991, from the summer between my last semester as an undergrad and my first as a Ph.D. student:

To be honest, this one is wordier than most. In tone and range of topics, though, it fits the model beautifully. I miss those letters, whose length seems to have been necessitated by the size of the paper on which they are written and an inexplicable sense on my father's part that one side of the page is enough. And I miss the standard-issue closing, "auf wiedersehen!" -- introduced while I was an exchange student in Germany -- even more. I wish I'd been a better correspondent with him in return. I know he'd like to read entries from my blog out loud to my mother. Without a high-speed internet connection, though, that's simply not going to happen. Unless, of course, I start printing out entries and sticking them in the mail. Maybe I should start doing that. Anyway, even though he won't be reading this, let me wish him a "Happy Father's Day" to match the greetings I extended over the phone earlier this evening.
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