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Flavor of the Day

The still under-the-weather Bean asked for a "Roger Rabbit story" tonight for the first time in months. But she wanted it to overlap with her current Star Wars mania, so she and her pals -- Roger, Sally Ladybug, Gregory Gopher, Henrietta Hummingbird, Morris Mole -- made the long voyage to Coruscant to see the sights. They first visited the Jedi Temple, where Yoda met them at the door and then somewhat reluctantly consented to giving them a tour. His syntax was periodically faulted for being insufficiently inverted.

There they eventually ran into Anakin Skywalker, not yet elected to the Jedi Council, who gruffly agreed to let them accompany him to the Galactic Senate. The tour through the building he led them on culminated in a trip to Chancellor Palpatine's chambers, where the well-oiled one made politesse even after Roger climbed under his cape to discover a light saber. "That was a gift from an old friend, a Jedi very near and dear to my heart. I don't know how to use it, of course, but it comforts me to feel it at my side." While Anakin and Skylar were skeptical of this explanation, it didn't stop them from taking Palpatine up on his offer to visit the gelato parlor on the ground floor. "Palpy" paid and, even if he did suggest that Anakin opt for the darker flavors, a good time was had by all.

As the Chancellor was leaving to attend to important business, Senator Amidala walked in. Anakin immediately said, "Padmé. What are you doing here?" Palpatine picked up on the name and grilled young Skywalker about his choice of appellations. Luckily, a stern look from Amidala and the subsequent regathering of his wits enabled Anakin to talk his way out of a potentially disastrous situation, particularly considering Amidala's rather obvious condition. To celebrate, Skylar and her friends accompanied the secret lovers to a clothing emporium, where Amidala expressed frustration at the way the dresses she was trying on draped until a salesperson directed her to items in the maternity section perfect for the proportions of her bulging yet compact midsection. At that point the story was interrupted, as San Antonio had triumphed and it was important for Skylar to spend a few minutes watching confetti float about in the SBC Center. Stay tuned for the continuation of our story.
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